Qilu.com·Lightning News September 14 News September 17-19,”Thirteenth China (Jinan) International Information” with the theme of”Cultivating New Kinetic Energy with Informatization and Embracing the New Future of Digital Economy””Technology Expo and 2020 China (Jinan) Digital Economy High-end Summit (hereinafter referred to as:China International Information Expo)” will open at the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, Shandong Guanhai Data Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guanhai Data) will bring AI artificial intelligence robots to the scene.

getUrls?link=fdd86d5fea9363d98cba9f662128b998 - AI artificial intelligence robot"walks into" the site of the 13th Jinan Information Expo

“Guanhai Data” is mainly a cloud service provider that builds AI artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and big data. It is understood that the”smart community platform” displayed at the”China Information Expo” is from virtualization and cloud computing technology at the infrastructure layer to the big data ecosystem components and artificial intelligence at the basic service layer Machine learning framework, memory distributed database and other Internet technologies, and then to specific business layer data collection, data storage, intelligent analysis, data visualization and other special applications, realize the right The one-stop full life cycle management of massive data greatly improves the efficiency of community workers.

The”smart community platform” mainly includes products such as residents snap shots, community credit systems, big data residents’ portraits, face recognition, vehicle recognition, and smart robots. Among them, the artificial intelligence secretary robot unveiled at the”Xinbo” site is built using the most cutting-edge AI artificial intelligence technology. It collects user question data and answer feedback, and combines NPL natural language processing technology and the latest machine learning technology. Perform data mining and modeling, and finally make more accurate answers and functional guidance to users’ questions.

There are still three days to go before the opening of the”Xinbo”. People in the industry are welcome to visit and negotiate.

Lightning News reporter Li Wei, correspondent Yang Hua reporting from Jinan