In the past month, the logistics industry has undergone changes. In addition to the successive half-year reports, there have also been intrigues by bigwigs.

First Jingdong stopped cooperating with Shentong; then Wang Wei issued 500 million red envelopes to all SF employees; then Ali spent 6.6 billion yuan to increase its holdings of 12%of Yuantong; recently Xianyu cannot use JD Express delivery, unless the channel is smuggled.

well-knownShentong who is standing behind, so the latter two behaviors are also interpreted as”parents” coming out to find places.

But if you really think so, it’s too naive. Use Dasima’s”Thousand-layer cake theory”:You only see the second layer and think of Ali as the first layer. In fact, it is on the fifth layer.

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Jingdong bans Shentong, not surprisingly

“Cat-Dog War” has already crossed retail, finance, and has risen to the ecosystem. The deduction of the war situation spread to various industries, and the logistics field is even more torn.

As ​​an important part of e-commerce, both parties are competing for the express company,JD advocates self-construction + investment, while Alibaba focuses on traction + investment.

It can be seen that the giants’ battle for hegemony has already affected Chiyu, how to stand in line and become a courier company has to Do”send propositions”, Jingdong“block”Shentong is proof.

In the continuous competition for market share, express companies are likely to boost the industry Towards an oligopoly. On the other hand, the in-depth involvement of leading e-commerce companies will further affect the industry structure.

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this time put the Shentong kicked out of the”brother group” is not surprising, after all, Brother Qiang and Teacher Ma are the most direct competitors, and the discord is not a day or two, it is purely normal business behavior.

In fact, everyone is like this, Taobao can’t pay with WeChat,Jingdong did not have Alipay payment. Some time ago Meituan also cancelled the Alipay option. These companies can’t tell anyone.

In essence, this has nothing to do with choosing one, it is a means of competition That’s it.

Alibaba Logistics cannot hide its ambitions

In 2007, when Liu Qiangdong built his own logistics, almost no one was optimistic about it. Ma Yun was no exception. The classic quotation of”resolutely not engage in logistics”.

But as one of the foundations of e-commerce transactions, the evolution of business flow affects logistics Change, Ali needs a breakthrough fulcrum. As a result, although he said no, he was very honest and became a shareholder of Best Express in 2008.

This is a wise man. After knowing a mistake, he immediately turns the front of the car, there is no face in it important.

In 2013, Jack Ma took the lead in the establishment of”Rookie”, which is positioned at the socialization Data logistics collaboration platform, shareholders from Yintai, Fuchun Group, Fosun Group to SF Express, Shentong, YTO, Zhongtong, Rhyme almost covers half of the industry.

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Relying on this”net”, Ali will send millions of merchants and express The companies are linked together, relying on technological advantages to build an infrastructure platform, thereby highly integrating information and improving their own logistics efficiency.

In order to consolidate the alliance, the most direct and effective way of cooperation is adopted— -investment. At present, the major domestic listed logistics companies, except SF Express and Debon, are basically involved.

Undoubtedly, capital is a powerful and effective tool to form a community of interests. Through investment, decision-making can be affected even if it is not excessively deep, which is in line with Ma Yun’s statement of not grabbing express delivery business, and can strengthen the rookie’s synergy efficiency.

However, Liu Qiangdong does not agree with this model.”Dialogue” column publicly bombarded:”To put it nicely is to improve their efficiency; to put it ugly, most of the profits of the last few express companies will be sucked away by the rookie.”

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But don’t those companies that join the rookie understand, they just don’t have the ability to leave. There are gains and losses.

Since you can’t go, it’s better to follow the trend. When Ali’s logistics empire was formed, Maybe it can be a century-old shareholder.

Cats and dogs fight, who fights against each other

Again, Shentong insiders said in an interview,”Shentong is not the first , It will not be the last one.”

In fact, as early as July 2017, the Jingdong terminated its cooperation with Tiantian Express. One month later, it cut off the logistics interface with Best Express, and now it deactivates Shentong, once again pointed the finger at Ali.

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On Ali’s side, I wanted to increase the holding of Yuantong Express approximately 30%of the shares become the largest shareholder, but from the results of the transaction on September 1, although it is not a controlling shareholder, it is enough to allow JD feels pressure.

In the future, this”two thousand years old” may continue to reject Ali is an express delivery company and gradually guides merchants to the Jingdong department.

It can be said that the logistics circle has become clearer now,Alibaba, Jingdong, SF Zheng Gradually forming a three-point world, who can break the pattern and win the leading position is hard to say.