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After all, it’s a minority of people who succeed, and making money is not necessarily Means a safe departure.

Especially when the cross-border e-commerce industry relies on the so-called smart game with the rules of the platform. Those easy roads are more dead ends in the end.

R’s experience is like this. In 2016, because of a small sentence, he went from Dongguan to Shenzhen to enter the pit of cross-border e-commerce.

At the end of April 2016, Amazon announced its financial report for the first quarter of 2016. At that time, it commented that Apple, Microsoft, and Intel all experienced disappointing Q1, and Amazon’s excellent performance eased investors’ high expectations. Concerns about the general slowdown in growth of technology and Internet companies. Prime service has grown rapidly, and a new monthly subscription model of $10.99 has been launched; Echo and Fire TV sticks are selling well, and the brother-in-law even said in a statement:”On, Amazon devices are the best-selling products.”

After , Amazon skyrocketed.

getUrls?link=72cb65a678f92e57b2093c6f7c3351c2 - After entering the bank, I made a net profit of 50 months in 3 months, but lost 1 million yuan overnight due to infringement

That was the year when R embarked on the fast lane of cross-border e-commerce. The most profitable is a listing. In only 3 months, R was allocated 250,000 yuan. However, 2 years later, due to the infringing products in the shop, he still had 150,000 yuan of foreign debts being repaid.

Today, R still persists in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

1. Send a short sentence and enter Amazon

“Do you want to come and do Amazon with me?” One day in the middle of the night in October 2016, R was drawing drawings and sent him a little Z in his childhood. Sent a WeChat.

That was the first time R heard the three words “Amazon”.

At that time, he was working as a mechanical engineer in an electronics manufacturing factory in Dongguan, with a monthly salary of 4,500. The next day, R contacted Z, chatting with him on WeChat, and Baidu about Amazon. In his mind, Amazon was”American Taobao” at that time, which was not equal to global cross-border e-commerce.

Z himself entered the pit in 2015, although his monthly salary is only 6000, which is not much higher than R, but according to Z himself, he paid out a million yuan in dividends the previous year, and he kept brainwashing R repeatedly. Emphasize,”Amazon is very good at doing it, much better than working.”

getUrls?link=8130b280c60f028a8e8fc6de93921226 - After entering the bank, I made a net profit of 50 months in 3 months, but lost 1 million yuan overnight due to infringement

R’s heart beats.

On December 17, 2016, R took a train to Shenzhen to meet with Z. Two hours later, R officially entered Amazon at a local restaurant.

On the same day, R learned that Z had made a lot of money in Amazon in 2 years, but it was precisely because of the money that he and his partner, that is, his university classmates, had a discord.Z’s share and position in the company have been weakened.

“Together is difficult and easy, and sharing wealth is difficult”, But in fact, suffering itself is much more difficult than wealth.

Z felt angry and wanted to start anew, so he went it alone, so he found R.

R himself knows very well that the reason Z is looking for his partner is his English level. R’s appealing ability on the platform has also been exercised in this way.

Z’s conditions are very straightforward. Promise R’s monthly salary of 6000, five social insurances, and dividends depending on the profitability of the partnership’s company at the end of the year.

On the one hand, in order to entertain R to Shenzhen, on the other hand, he may also prove to R that he made money. That night, Z took R to experience Shenzhen’s nightlife. Feasting, drunk gold fans. According to R, if you are making a movie at this time, you will be arrogant, with your neck around your neck, and then a montage, and wake up at the hotel the next day with a stranger beside him.

Second, make money quickly and earnQuick Money

After the Spring Festival in 2017, R quit his job in Dongguan and went to Shenzhen to start Amazon with Z.

The products that are familiar in cross-border industries, such as the Auspicious Three Treasures, the Four King Kong, and the Calabash Brothers, were very fresh in R’s eyes.

“A link can produce up to 400 orders a day. Huaqiangbei 10 yuan goods will sell for 14.99 US dollars on Amazon.“R recalled, pure profiteering. The earliest products he made with Z were the data cables and earphones in the”Auspicious Three Treasures”, such as bone conduction wireless earphones.

Keywords on the homepage, brand headline ads cheating money, merging zombie links, abusing variants, using VC accounts to combat competitors, etc.”black technology”, plus Infringing products and early entry bonuses, R followed Z did indeed make money.

“Learned all kinds of Amazon store operations, both formal and illegal, and I also delved into some illegal operations. The first two years were in Amazon’s gray area. Do it.” R added.

In the best time, R distributed 250,000 RMB in cash in less than 3 months, which was more than his 50-month salary.

Apple 7, the most expensive thing he bought for himself, has been using it until today. Except for the large sum of money used to treat grandma, all the remaining money is spent.

After all, he thought it was too easy to make money.

Although I have stepped on a lot of pits, such as filling in the wrong product size when shipping, rebuild the link, and use the brand complaint result to complain about yourself , Store associations, and template upload product errors made the entire link completely unrecognizable, but as a whole, at that time, their Amazon business had almost no obstacles.

The infringing products in the shop are mostly infringing. Although the business is good, they actually walk a tightrope every day.

The last second was still in heaven, the next second may be hell.

Three, when the platform rules change, the sky will change if it changes

Making money, Most people don’t know whether it is on their own ability or a small favor given by the times.

It is not uncommon for stories to make money by platform loopholes. Whether it is credit card arbitrage or Facebook batch registration, the money is made by a few people, and landing is the best.

R did not become the luckiest handful of people.

“Appearance patent infringement, Amazon swept a wave, and the store, balance, and goods are not available.” R said, too presumptuous, two people made money, too much heart, and a large number of purchases If the infringing product is still on the way, the shop is blocked and the balance cannot be returned.

As soon as the platform policy was tightened in 2019, R store selling infringing products was found. Overnight, together with the balance of the goods and the store, R and Z lost a total of more than 1 million. Suppliers have to settle arrears, logistics payments have to be settled, as well as labor, water, electricity, and rent. After a wave of operations, the two of them hurt their vitality and business has stalled.

During the period, R also actively appealed and used all the experience of the previous store closure. In the end, he couldn’t save it. He also spent money to ask the service provider, but it was still uncertain.

getUrls?link=ce57c159705486b2e0e9aacbb80cd136 - After entering the bank, I made a net profit of 50 months in 3 months, but lost 1 million yuan overnight due to infringement


Then the company was dissolved.

In the second interview, he said that being Amazon is actually a marathon, and whoever can persist will have the last laugh. If you want to make quick money, you can use the analogy of a marathon. To make quick money is to ride a motorcycle to compare with others’ legs. To put it bluntly, it is cheating, but when the motorcycle runs out of fuel, the referee will not sit and watch. Regardless of.

“After you get off the motorcycle, you find that you can’t run away from others.”R added that after all, speculation is not a long-term strategy. Having core competitiveness is Kingly way, don’t try to take shortcuts and get involved in black technology. These are drugs. The more you smoke, the more addicted you are. The key is to build a brand and control the quality of your products.

Until today, he still has 150,000 debts on his body, and now he is paying off the debt every month. The most successful product recently is a privately modeled mobile phone case. The daily sales volume is about 100 units, and the daily turnover is hovering around 1,000 dollars.

As for why he still stays in the cross-border e-commerce industry, R mentions two reasons. One is that he knows the most is Amazon, and he has to rely on it to eat and eat, and the other is to discover Fall in love with the ghost and tears.”Especially the successful appeal of the store, and the receipt of the email that the store’s performance notification said that the store has returned to normal, can be said to be my greatest sense of accomplishment.”

“Of course, I also said to many Xiaobai who are preparing to enter this pit, I still need to understand a little English, or even know how to write links.” R, born in 1991, is about to enter his 30s. Maybe he will often think of that night in 2016, but today he and Amazon are not what they were then.

Whether you have become a million-dollar seller or on the way to become a million-dollar seller, you are welcome to share your story with us.