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Integrity has power and rapid development of enterprises

GCL The group is a comprehensive energy company headquartered in Hong Kong, focusing on new energy and clean energy, and diversified development of related industries. The main business involves power, photovoltaic manufacturing, semiconductors, natural gas, industrial parks, integrated circuit materials, mobile energy, and new ecology of the electric industry. The group has branches in 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and other parts of the world. Own a number of A-share and H-share listed companies. GCL Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic materials, China’s largest non-state-owned environmentally friendly power operator, and the world’s second largest operator of photovoltaic power plants with assets of nearly 200 billion yuan. In 2018, it ranked 139th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, and ranked first in the new energy industry among the top 500 Chinese enterprises for many years.

With the overall strategy of “two main lines, four networks and one cloud”, GCL Group has built an integrated photovoltaic industry chain from silicon materials to photovoltaic equipment manufacturing, system integration, and solar power station construction and operation, and The integrated industrial chain of gas and electricity from natural gas extraction, liquefaction, storage and transportation to supply, and natural gas power generation provides integrated energy services for power grids, heating networks, natural gas pipeline networks, information networks and big data cloud platforms, and builds green finance and wisdom Innovative business industry clusters such as cities and energy Internet. The Xuzhou Xinjing Semiconductor large silicon wafer project, which started construction in 2018, was listed as a major national science and technology project. The project was selected into the list of major provincial construction projects and was the number one project listed by the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee. After the project is put into production, it will become a leading enterprise in China’s semiconductor materials, further breaking the industry monopoly in Europe, America, Japan and other countries and restricting my country.

In the 1980s, my country implemented a policy of reform and opening up. Mr. Zhu Gongshan, the young and middle-aged chairman, actively responded to the call of the party and the state. In 1990, he resigned from his hometown of Light Industry Bureau’s automated complete equipment factory as the factory director and went to sea for business. In that year, he founded the predecessor of GCL Group-Shanghai Xiecheng Electrical Appliance Factory. Over the past 29 years, GCL Group has consistently adhered to the leadership of the party and strengthened the group’s party building work. It has always adhered to listening to and following the party, and using red genes to lead green development. Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and implement the new development concept. Attach great importance to the exemplary vanguard role of party members and the role of the party organization as a fighting fortress, continuously strengthen the party’s ideological, organizational, work style, system, and anti-corruption building, and unswervingly implement the party’s line, principles and policies, and develop President Xi Jinping The secretary’s energy development strategy concept of”Four Revolutions, One Cooperation” and learning of practical experience in Zhejiang, and other activities, used new development concepts to guide the production and operation of the enterprise, and injected strong impetus into the development of GCL.

GCL Group has 17 units in Xuzhou, of which 2 units were added in 2019, with a total of nearly 10,000 employees. Companies actively respond to the work of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, abide by national laws and regulations, participate in social insurance, declare truthfully, pay in time, protect the legitimate interests of employees, and actively participate in the evaluation of creditworthiness to establish an association for GCL Group in society Xinqiang and its employees have a good image, and introduced improvement measures in accordance with a series of good government measures.

1. Ensure that the social security provident fund is paid in full and on time. At the beginning of each month, the finance of each company confirms the funds in the exclusive account as required to ensure that the state’s social security provident fund fees can be paid on time and in full, and strictly prevent the failure of deductions due to insufficient account balances. At the beginning of each month, the social security bills are reviewed, problems are identified and communicated with the Audit Section and the Collection Section to resolve existing problems in a timely manner to protect the interests of the country and individuals.

2. A dedicated person is responsible for the social security and land tax data verification, and if there is a problem, contact the Social Security Auditing Section in time, and the Social Security Auditing Section will promptly help find the cause and give a perfect solution. The problem was discovered on the same day, and the problem was solved in time, without delay or shirk responsibility.

3. Provide online services and conduct online consultation through WeChat groups and official accounts. Regularly push the latest policies and regulations of the social security provident fund, so that employees can learn about various favorable policies of the government in a timely manner, while safeguarding the interests of employees, it also provides a boost to the stable operation of the company.

4. Regularly organize employee seminars to answer social insurance-related provident fund policies for front-line employees, and popularize social insurance laws and regulations and related policies for employees, so that employees can pay and how to use them. Have a good idea.

5. Self-made brochures on social security related policies, and distribute them at designated locations where staff gather in each company. Enable employees to clearly know the specific procedures, policies and related materials that need to be prepared.

6. Establish a question bank for the social security provident fund issues reported by employees, and organize relevant personnel to study regularly, so that employees’ questions are answered at the time, and the questions that cannot be answered at the time are recorded and specific response dates are given. The establishment of the question bank greatly simplifies the staff’s work process, increases the company’s work efficiency, and also relieves the work pressure of various departments.

7. Actively participate in the integrity registration assessment work organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, starting from self-inspection and self-assessment, conduct integrity registration assessment declarations for all enterprises in the Xuzhou area group, and obtain AAA-level good grade. This work also fully reflects the affirmation of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to creditable companies. The GCL Group Human Resources Sharing Center will continue to do a good job of integrity registration and assessment every time to protect the legitimate interests of employees and the company.

8. In order to smoothly apply for unemployment benefits for resigned employees, a”Tips for Claiming Unemployment Benefits” is specially prepared to explain the application process, required materials and special attention, etc., so that employees can There is a clear, comprehensive and specific understanding of the entire handling process.

getUrls?link=810fddbcdcdbe6988b41625189e8e53b - Advanced experience of AAA-level social insurance creditworthy units in Xuzhou in 2019 (2)

getUrls?link=d562dc076e5d9b83b90214eb4107d05b - Advanced experience of AAA-level social insurance creditworthy units in Xuzhou in 2019 (2)

2019 In 1999, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau organized several special meetings. Director Zhai led more than ten representatives from various departments of the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security to visit companies in depth to understand the current situation of the company, listen to its opinions, and solve practical difficulties. From online declaration to on-site handling, from audit management to business guidance, all provide comprehensive and strong support to enterprises. Among them, various preferential policies, such as talent introduction subsidies, job stabilization subsidies, and a series of measures, are of great help to enterprises. Enterprises also deeply feel the continuous optimization and continuous improvement of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. The difficulties reported by the enterprises were recorded one by one by the leaders of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, resolved one by one, and continued to visit. After the new system of basic-level application software for labor security business is launched, it has reduced the waiting time for on-site processing at the front desk and greatly improved the efficiency of work.

Don’t forget your original intention, you can always. At present, GCL is adhering to the concept of”bringing green energy into life”, keeping in mind the original intention and mission of”focusing on green development and continuing to improve the living environment of mankind”, carrying forward the enterprise spirit of”entrepreneurship, innovation, striving for the first, leading”, and abide by” The core values ​​of “value-oriented, innovation-driven, struggle-oriented, and one family”, with the”GCL Basic Law” as the management charter, deepen system and mechanism reforms, accelerate the pace of strategic transformation, and strive to become a respected global new energy and The goal of”Clean Energy Enterprise” is moving forward to realize the GCL dream of”GCL is strong, employees are rich, and society is praised”.

GCL Group’s Xu enterprise will continue to implement national laws and regulations, participate in insurance according to law, declare truthfully, and pay fees in a timely manner, and actively respond to the work of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to promote the establishment of a social credit system, and take practical actions Contribute to the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.


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