The aftereffects of not paying attention to the rules of the platform appeared, and the seller cried:The price paid is too expensive!

Recently, a large number of sellers have received a”payment notice” from Amazon:Your storage usage has exceeded the standard, and the excess fee is expected to be paid… (manually omitted a lot of deducted money) !

At the same time, there is new news about the maritime price issue that has attracted much attention recently. I heard that the major US shipping companies were interviewed last week and the price increase was temporarily suspended.

JiuyueOn Leek Day, a large number of Amazon sellers were harvested

Thousands of Amazon sellers have made a brother-in-law. The seller was still smiling with tears in his tears:My brother-in-law abused me tens of thousands, and I treated my brother-in-law as first love.

Amazon uses the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) to determine the seller’s storage capacity limit. What will happen if the inventory is restricted? Amazon will answer:After limiting inventory, you will be allocated a certain amount of storage space. After the IPI score reaches the standard, you can enjoy unlimited storage capacity without storage space restrictions. If over storage, you need to pay a storage overage fee.

Recently, a large number of Amazon sellers have been tortured to death by excess storage fees. The editor understands that some Amazon sellers do not pay attention to Amazon FBA’s inventory capacity and IPI, etc., and they ship in large quantities from July to August, resulting in a lot of excess inventory costs to Amazon every day.

getUrls?link=8c8c645bf922c345ab54679c6f81e96b - A large number of Amazon sellers have been"harvested"! Some people pay more than 600,000 more in a single month...

It can be seen from the email sent by Amazon to this seller , The seller’s storage usage exceeds the assigned storage type limit or multiple storage types. Unless the seller reduces the storage usage and keeps the usage within the allocation limit until the end of the month, it will be required to pay an overage fee.

In fact, many sellers have received similar emails recently. Summarizing the seller’s situation, it can be seen that the money they have to hand in is basically more than one thousand, and the highest one is as much as more than 600,000 yuan.

A:I have more than 3,000 and less than 800, and the reserved ones are also included.

B:Estimated overage fee of US$8,000 this month… the scalp is tingling!

C:A friend has to pay 500 US dollars a day, 15,000 US dollars in a month, which is more than 100,000 yuan in RMB.

D:It is estimated that the overage fee will be 70,000 pounds in September.

E:Amazon deducted more than US$90,000 from me…

To sum up the excess fees deducted by these sellers, I just want to say that any number of them may be more than me Earn a lot more in one month!

The sequelae of breaking the restrictions on shipments continue to show up, how should sellers”fix the leakage”

It is understood that in the United States, the inventory excess fee is 1 cubic foot 10 In the United Kingdom, the standard of £7.80 per cubic foot (excluding tax) is charged once a month, and the standard of €320 per cubic meter (excluding tax) in other European countries is charged once a month.

getUrls?link=47fee7d0d5ccc0b0f3927875180067b1 - A large number of Amazon sellers have been"harvested"! Some people pay more than 600,000 more in a single month...

Sellers can track their inventory on the inventory performance control panel Performance indicator score, Amazon will automatically re-evaluate the limit every quarter based on the seller’s current IPI score. (Note that Amazon is talking about quarterly)

After many sellers were charged for the overage fee, they immediately retreated. One of the sellers was charged an overage fee of nearly 40,000 US dollars at the beginning of the month. After returning to the liberation overnight, so many goods prepared for Prime Day became a time bomb, and he had to remove these goods as soon as possible.

There is also a company that received an overage fee for an account last month, but only 400 dollars left in the payment. The money is still small!

Now it involves a question:Amazon’s restricted shipping policy has been implemented for some time, how did those Amazon sellers successfully create their shipments?

One of the sellers confessed that he had just listened to the service provider and found a large number of shipments from the service provider. Who knew it would explode afterwards.

There is also a seller who created and sold himself and doubled the shipment quantity. The created shipping plan was directly cancelled by Amazon. According to the response from the seller before opening the case, even if this kind of shipment is received by Amazon, a large overage fee may be charged.

Although on the Amazon platform, as long as the brother-in-law says a word, the money will come to adulthood, but as long as the seller strictly abides by the platform regulations, there will not be so many follow-up troubles. The first thing for sellers to do is to actively take a series of measures to reduce losses.

Amazon said that sellers can minimize possible overage charges and increase inventory by reducing all redundant, unavailable information or low-sale inventory inventory through corresponding timely measures. Performance Index (IPI) score.

Some sellers said that the biggest factor affecting IPI is sales speed, so everyone has to work hard to increase sales.

The shipping company has been interviewed and the shipping price will not increase!

This year, the vast majority of cross-border sellers have been tortured by logistics:tight shipping capacity, high freight rates, shipping restrictions, etc., but the good news for the editor today is that Shipping prices will not increase!

According to people familiar with the matter, the major American shipping companies were interviewed last week. One point mentioned in the interview was:Regulate charging behavior, The company wants to regulate the collection of freight. After the shipping company was interviewed, a freight forwarder received a message:”According to the latest market situation, the GRI plan for US flows to September 15 is cancelled, and the current authorized freight rate is extended to the end of September.”

In other words, the price increase plan that was planned to begin on September 15 has now been suspended, and the current shipping price is still in accordance with the current price. A freight forwarder said that starting from September 15th, the cabinets sent to the US West would have to rise to US$4,000, and those sent to the US East would rise to US$5000. Now it seems that there is no need to increase prices in September.

There are also freight forwarders who said that the shipping company previously notified them to increase the price from September 15th, and a cabinet will increase by at least 300 US dollars. If the shipping company is not interviewed, it really wants to implement the price increase plan, then The seller’s cost has to rise again. Fortunately, there is no price increase this month, but no one knows what will happen next.

According to data from the Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the current shipping price to the US West Basic Port is 3,813 US dollars/FEU, which is an increase of 55 US dollars compared to September 4; 4534 USD/FEU, a decrease of 4 USD compared to September 4.

getUrls?link=da02aa5901e6db3e65f2a6bcdc956ad1 - A large number of Amazon sellers have been"harvested"! Some people pay more than 600,000 more in a single month...

The previous increase in shipping prices is calculated on a hundred dollars , And the increase this time is still very small, but there are also freight forwarders who said that although the shipping company does not increase the price, if there is no cabinet, the lower freight is no use…

A freight forwarder Said:“Although the price is not going up now, it is still uncertain whether there are any cabinets. At present, Shenzhen Port has a serious shortage of cabinets.

Some sellers also said:“Logistics If the fee rises again, the prices of the old American will fly to the sky.”

Although the shipping company announced that it would not increase the price, the US express company announced that it would add a surcharge during the peak season. USPS announced that The first holiday surcharge will be imposed. The price increase will last from October 18th to December 27th. The price of each package will increase from US$0.24 to US$1.5.

In addition to the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx have also announced that they will charge a peak season surcharge in the near future.

This year’s peak season is destined to be extraordinary. Amazon’s Prime Day has not yet started, and the number of confirmed cases in the United States continues to increase. The interval between Black Friday, Net One, and Prime Day is too short. After membership day Americans may not have the money to invest in Black Friday and Net One.

In any case, this year is a challenging year. Cross-border sellers must be cautious in all aspects before they can”pass the catastrophe” safely!