When you travel abroad, do you read travel guides in advance and understand some local rules? If you do, you may find it a very useful preparation. However, if you are traveling to the U.S. states, you may find that your preparation in advance does not seem to be so effective, because there seem to be too many regulations in these places, and between different states, even if adjacent The two states may also have different regulations. However, even though weird regulations exist, many of them simply exist and are not actually implemented or need not be implemented at all. And today, Andy will introduce to you, 6 regulations that really seem to exist in the United States.

1, Minnesota:Prohibition of”wearing” poultry entering the state on their heads

 Real 6 in the United States A rather strange rule

If someone wears a chicken or duck””Entering Minnesota over your head can be a huge headache because it’s considered illegal. The effectiveness of the regulation is still controversial, but animal protection groups will definitely ban the use of live animals as a fashion accessory.

2, New York:sentenced to death by jumping off a building

6 regulations that really exist in the United States that look quite strange

Sadly, when a person really jumps off a building, that often Shows that he is committing suicide and wants to end his life, but New York lawmakers seem to ignore this fact. It is said that if the jumpers did not die, their punishment would be death. The law seems to be related to the illegality of suicide, because it is illegal to end your life. But there is also a saying online that New York has abolished this absurd provision as early as 2007.

3. Alaska:Do not watch moose on an airplane

It really looks amazing in the United States The rule

In Alaska, you may see moose, but you cannot Watch them on a plane. The law states that you cannot fly on the same day as the hunt. This is to prevent the possibility of people searching for animals, then landing the plane, and then finding and shooting moose.

4. Alaska:pet flamingos cannot be brought into the barbershop

flamingos are explicitly banned in Juneau, Alaska The rules of bringing their pet birds to the barbershop. It’s hard to understand why such a rule exists, but in reality, most animals are forbidden from bringing in hairdressing or beauty culture.

5, Georgia:You ca n’t eat fried chicken in any way other than by hand

There are 6 in the United States Seems rather strange regulation

People in Georgia seem to take it seriously With fried chicken, in Gainesville, Georgia, a decree requires people to eat fried chicken with their fingers. Eating fried chicken with a knife, fork, spoon or any other appliance is strictly prohibited and illegal. Gainesville claims to be the poultry capital of the world. They even built a chicken monument in the city center. In 1961, Gainesville, Georgia passed a measure that it was illegal to eat fried chicken with anything other than hands.

A resident allegedly ordered her best fried chicken and ate food with a knife and fork to celebrate her 91st birthday, resulting in her arrest. Of course, this was later considered a prank against the old man. This decree does exist, but it may not be strictly followed.

6, Georgia:Do not let chickens walk on the road

There are 6 real Americans that look quite similar Strange regulations

Quettman, Georgia makes it illegal for chickens to cross the road This may sound strange, why do chickens cross the road? It is reported that this is done to ensure that drivers on the road are safer. What’s more, this allows farmers in cities to place chicken coops in areas that are at a distance from nearby houses and roads.