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A few days ago, the Ali Research Institute officially announced the 2020 list of Taobao villages and Taobao towns. Lianjiang took a seat, and Jishui Town was shortlisted Taobao Town. Zhanjiang City has 4 towns on the list this time. The other three towns are Mazhang Town, Mazhang District, Suicheng Town, Suixi County, Leizhou City span> Baisha Town. Compared with 2019, Zhanjiang City has added 3 Taobao towns.

Establish and improve the leading group for e-commerce work

The chief officer serves as the”leader”

According to According to the announcement, as of the end of June 2020, Alibaba Research Institute has discovered 5,425 Taobao villages and 1,756 Taobao towns across the country. A total of 1,025 Taobao villages and 225 Taobao towns were discovered in Guangdong Province, ranking second and third in the country respectively. It is worth noting that the number of Taobao villages discovered in Guangdong increased by 227 year-on-year (798 in 2019), the largest increase in the country, while the number of Taobao towns in Guangdong increased by 70 year-on-year (155 in 2019), the largest increase The second place in the country.

Taobao Town needs a township with three or more Taobao villages, or on the Ali platform, a township’s annual e-commerce sales exceed 30 million yuan and more than 300 active online stores. With the vigorous implementation of rural revitalization strategies in various parts of Guangdong and the in-depth development of national and provincial e-commerce projects into rural comprehensive demonstration counties, the transaction volume and activity of rural e-commerce in eastern Guangdong and western Guangdong have been greatly improved.

Lianjiang City attaches great importance to the work of e-commerce in rural areas. In 2019, it was established as a comprehensive demonstration county for provincial e-commerce in rural areas. In order to strengthen the continuity of the establishment work, Lianjiang City has established and improved the establishment work leading group, with the mayor and the deputy mayor in charge respectively serving as the head and deputy heads. The members are composed of the Municipal Science, Industry and Trade Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau. Major leaders of multiple related units have served. The leading group strengthens the leadership of Lianjiang’s e-commerce work by holding regular meetings to discuss e-commerce promotion and coordination related issues.

Strengthen strategic cooperation with Alibaba

Dedicated to full coverage of logistics

This year, Lianjiang Become a comprehensive demonstration county (city) of national e-commerce in rural areas in 2020. According to the information of Lianjiang Science, Industry, Trade and Information Technology Bureau, there are currently two companies with online sales transactions of more than 10 million yuan in Lianjiang:Guangdong Zhanlv Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Orange Xiangwei Taste Trading Co., Ltd. There are more than 10 enterprises with online sales transactions of more than 1 million yuan.

In recent years, Lianjiang City has strengthened its strategic cooperation with Alibaba and cooperation with major integrated e-commerce platforms. Relying on well-known e-commerce companies such as Suning,, and Tmall, Lianjiang is committed to building local brands, among which the”Taste of Orange Town” won the”China·Guangdong ‘Rural Power Award’ Benchmarking Award”. Lianjiang City provided free offices for Alibaba’s entry and implemented 500 square meters of storage space, and cooperated with JD Group to build the China Specialty Products Pavilion”Chinese Specialty Products—Lianjiang Pavilion”

According to the plan of Lianjiang City , The city will build 1 city (county)-level e-commerce service center, 20 town-level e-commerce service stations, 140 village-level e-commerce service points, and 27 e-commerce service outlets have been built. Lianjiang City is committed to promoting the full coverage of e-commerce logistics services in the towns, streets and administrative villages of Lianjiang City, and building a three-level logistics system for counties, towns and villages, including postal express, supply and marketing E-home and SF Express, Shentong, Zhongtong and other nationally renowned express logistics The company leverages its respective advantages to participate in the construction of e-commerce service sites and logistics service sites in all towns and villages in the city, and is committed to the full coverage of three-level e-commerce logistics in municipalities and villages.

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