Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 11th. 97 authoritative publication achievements, 19 alliance platform achievements, 99 first innovation achievements… The 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair has achieved outstanding results; Overcoming difficulties”, under the background of the new crown epidemic, China’s measures to promote the formation of a new pattern of higher-level reform and opening up inspire the world.

getUrls?link=0adb303076c38e513c85895ff2217389 - 2020 Service Trade Fair | Overseas experts believe that the fruitful results of the Service Trade Fair boost confidence

September 9th, the audience visited the country and provinces, regions and municipalities of the Service Trade Fair. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Peng)

Overseas experts have stated that the Service Trade Fair not only provides a platform for the recovery of global service trade, but also brings new opportunities and new momentum to the recovery of the world economy by further opening up the Chinese market.

“The successful holding of the Service Trade Fair is another manifestation of the increasing opening up of the Chinese market, providing opportunities for the development of Argentina.” said Ruben Herrero, director of the National Institute of Industrial Technology of Argentina.

Argentina’s National Institute of Industrial Technology participated in the Service Trade Fair online to showcase its most advanced technical services. Herero told the Xinhua News Agency that the Trade Fair is an excellent platform for Argentina to increase the added value of exports, so that the services exported by Argentina can be closer to the needs of Chinese consumers.

Australia Zhimeng Certified Public Accountants participated in the Service Trade Fair through the”cloud exhibition”. The founder of the firm, Zhiyuan Liang, said that the Service Trade Fair will overcome space constraints and provide an online platform to allow overseas companies to participate in various activities of the trade fair in a safer and more effective way, which has a good role in promoting service trade.

BMW Group Greater China President and CEO Gao Le told reporters that China has further expanded its opening up, improved the level of service trade, and created a good operating environment for enterprises. Multinational companies including BMW have learned from it. Benefit. Gao Le said that China’s efforts and results in response to the epidemic are impressive, and China has become an important driving force for the recovery of the global economy.

Gao Le said that the Service Trade Fair is at the right time and is an important symbol of China’s open economy.”Today, when the world economy is full of uncertainties, the Chinese government builds a platform to promote global service trade, helps Chinese and foreign companies regain their business development momentum, promotes service import and export trade, and most importantly, boosts business confidence.”

Songsheng Zhang, former chairman of the Singapore Federation of Industry and Commerce, believes that the Service Trade Association will help China’s service trade broaden the scope and improve the quality, and create more business opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies.

“The holding of the Service Trade Fair is good news for the world economy,” said Sudindra Kurkani, an expert on China in India. “For the world to achieve growth and prosperity, it must cooperate with the Chinese economy. Integrate more closely together. China’s holding of the Service Trade Fair has sent a strong signal to the world that economic globalization should be stronger and more inclusive.”

Frederick, President of Belgian Sybex China Europe Business Consulting Company Bardan said that trade in services is not only vital to the economy, but also helps people communicate with each other and promote peaceful development.”The Service Trade Fair will help connect supply and demand, share business opportunities, promote mutually beneficial development, and help build a community with a shared future for mankind.”

The opening of the world economy will lead to prosperity, and closure will lead to decline. As Guo Jie, chief professor of finance at Durham University in the United Kingdom and executive dean of the China Development Institute, said, the successful holding of the Service Trade Fair not only effectively helps enterprises strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and promotes the recovery of international service trade, but also reflects the strong driving force of China’s economic development. And vitality, it also shows China’s determination and confidence in adhering to economic globalization. (Notewriter:Su Liang; participating reporters:Ni Ruijie, Hao Yalin, Guo Yang, Zhu Sheng, Zhang Xingjun, Wang Lili, Lu Haiyue, Pan Geping, Wang Huihui)