[Overseas News from Qiaobao.com] The China National Social Security Fund Council recently released the 2019 Social Security Fund Annual Report. The report shows that in 2019, the social security fund equity investment income was 291.18 billion yuan, an increase of 7.12 times compared with 2018, and the investment yield was 14.06%. Much higher than the average annual return on investment since the fund was established.

The annual report shows that the total assets of the social security fund at the end of 2019 were 2,628.566 billion yuan, an increase of 17.59%from the end of 2018; the total equity of the social security fund was 2,422,560 million yuan in the same period.

getUrls?link=6eea15cca154e398eee2ac91f365c69d - 2019 China Social Security Fund's investment return rate reached 14.06%, which is 7 times higher than 2018

The picture shows people who come to handle social security services in the Fuzhou Citizen Service Center showing their social security cards. (Photo source:China News Service)

Beijing”China Securities News” quoted the relevant person in charge of the board of directors as saying that the social security fund adheres to the philosophy of long-term investment, value investment and responsible investment, and follows the principle of prudent investment, safety first, The policy of controlling risks and increasing returns is used for investment operation management to ensure the safety of funds and the preservation and appreciation of value.

The person in charge also said that in terms of investment operation management, the social security fund will closely follow the domestic and foreign macroeconomic, capital market situations and policy trends in 2019, strengthen analysis and judgment, scientifically prepare and implement asset allocation plans, and make reasonable arrangements Investment rhythm, strengthen active management, enhance predictability and forward-looking, implement effective dynamic allocation, and strive to increase excess returns. In terms of financial allocations to the National Social Security Fund, last year, 46.493 billion yuan was allocated to the National Social Security Fund. As of the end of 2019, a total of 961.65 billion yuan of funds and shares have been allocated to the National Social Security Fund.

Chen Wenhui, vice chairman of the National Council of Social Security Fund, said at the 2020 Global Wealth Management Forum’s first quarter summit that the transfer of some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund can not only make up for the “elderly” and the “middle-aged” Unpaid or insufficient contributions, and the need to pay in full after retirement, can alleviate the gap in pension revenue and expenditure caused by the aging of the population, realize the intergenerational equity of pension security, and further support tax reduction Reduce fees. (End)